Hi, I’m Sarah and I live in London, U.K. Pleased to meet you!
I started this website because I wanted to try and bring together all the different things I have discovered about creating a life you love.

Since my teens I’ve been interested in all things spiritual, but I just dabbled round the edges really. Then about 12 years ago I was going through a very difficult time, and that’s when I really went deep. I needed something to keep me from drowning in the memories of the bad stuff that had happened, so I could get through each day. That’s when I found positive affirmations and meditation. Every morning I spent time focusing on positive statements and imagining my ideal life. I came to rely on this little ritual to face the day and give my mind a break from the negative thoughts that always seemed to be there.

After that, I started learning about the benefits of visualization, gratitude journaling, manifestation, energy centres, sound healing, brainwave entrainment,… you name it – I really went down the rabbit hole! I discovered that there is a very broad spectrum of things that people can use to improve their lives – and I tried or learned about many of them. I bought courses, attended events and trainings, acquired software, took up yoga and all manner of things! What I realised is that these different modalities are all interconnected in some way. The other aspect that struck me is that what works for one person may not work for another – and you have to find your own unique combination of methods that work for you.

So, to save others hours of trawling through the mass of information online, I thought I’d bring together some explanations of these different modalities and the insights I’ve gained over the years.

You’ll find factual articles, instructional pieces and reviews of useful products. I will keep updating and adding things as we go. I hope you find some value in it.